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  • jonmendte


We act like our casual quarrels are parlament.

Throw a fist, swell a lip, curse, yell and spit

And every part of it…

was done for the for the glory of the argument.

Tell us what was solved? What’s resolved?

What happened to forgiveness?

What does it mean to absolve?

Like the wolf, ridicule destroys those who fear it.

Next time they lash us with a tongue we wont hear it.

We are more then their words,

and they are not worth the time.

the day is full of obstacles,

they’re not the first in line.

We are stronger then ever, or

we give ourselves credit for.

Even now, stressed and beaten down,

we can endure.

We can just the same ignore

whats above the chamber door...

or sit in horror on the floor.

Well, I quoth the raven,



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