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     My name is Jon Mendte and if you have any artistic needs, I specialize in solutions and creativity. Being able to bring people's ideas to life, to have those "That's exactly what I saw in my head!" moments are what I live for. If you are looking to interject a little passion, tenacity, and outside-the-box thinking, I would love your patronage. Chances are if you are here you need some work done and you’re weighing your options. Let me help take your project and/or business to the next level. I guarantee I'll make digital life easier for you, and have some fun while doing it. 


      I know it’s tempting to go to a service like fivr, or a royalty-free audio and video provider. They are cheap and have endless options. So many in fact that you will spend your valuable time hunting through countless pages, trying to refine your searches, and inevitably settle on something close, but not exactly what you wanted. Ok, so you decide you want custom work, awesome. Now you could find yourself needing a video guy, photographer, designer, audio engineer, voice-over artist… Wow, that list gets long FAST in the social media marketing era. 


    Or you could just hire me. 


     People love to say “Jack of all trades, master of none.” which is true. There’s no denying it. That kind of thinking is not as helpful when you are on a budget and can't afford a smattering of masters to complete one project. The saying thankfully evolved, adding a second line, “Oftentimes better than a master of one.” I have an extensive background in Audio engineering, graphic design, digital art, video editing, photography, and more. With every wedding video, logo, article, or instrumental - I and the other jacks of the world prove that second line's validity. Let me show you how.

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     "Jonathan is a tremendous asset to my team. He is multitalented across different forms of media. He is never afraid to try something new and continually impresses me with his work ethic. His ability to adjust on the fly and his constant learning of new skills make him extremely valuable."
- Chris Veen, Trabbland CEO

     I would love to help you with your creative endeavors! Whether you want commissioned artwork, a new logo, jingle, flyer, graphics package, or even a dramatic revamp to your entire brand, I'm here to help. From brainstorming to launch, I'm at your service to assist with any creative need you may have. Prices are negotiable and vary on the complexity of what's being asked, as well as the time it would take to complete. Send me a message and let's make something cool.








Pay Cash


A series of photos I felt like charing that have some significance to my art. 

The Pie

This is the kind of dedication I bring to the table. Pie in the face? No problem. 

Toothless Tiger

I was asked to tell a funny story for a gig that needed to be under 45 secs. 

Growing Up

Random shots from growing up with amazing friends and family

Fun Gift Ideas

Gift cards available


Send me a profile photo of the desired silhouette. Black and White$50 Themed: $100 

Face Swaps $15

Send a photo you want your face added to, as well as the photo you would like to use. I'll take care of the rest.