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  • jonmendte


The Pledge of Allegiance should end with "liberty and justice for most."

What we have now really only try’s to come close.

The powerful and influential are deprived of honor,

When their main tactic for attack is to divide and conquer.

It explains the decision to stay

focused on superficial divisions like religion or race. To keep us from questioning or threatening the system in place.

Without it there's chaos so submission is safe.

If they fight about the rain, they won't notice the spit in their face.

They wants us indoors, shopping, playing our roles.

They'll tolerate all the hate, as long as no one is breaking the mold.

Well past their 5th helping, while we’re scraping the bowl.

Where we have a soul, behind each corporate face is a hole.

1% of this country has 40% of the wealth.

So some Americans will commit crimes and get sentenced to jail;

because they know they will get better healthcare in a cell.

We let them herd us to the hell in which America dwells.

I can only pray one day we’ll have future that

has done away with lobbyist, and the obvious evils of super packs.

This is barely a democracy for heaven sake.

Nor is it the America I learned about in 7th grade.

The reality has gotten through to me.

It came crashing down like the market,

when the stocks staged a mutiny.

How this country... it’s people…

are nothing… but equal…

to something... as evil…

as an advertising opportunity.

A special thanks to the corporations leading the way.

And paving the devils playground where the demons can play.


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