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Anchorman 2 Review

Anchorman 2 is the sequel to Anchorman, nothing more. The movie will have its fans but if you are like me, you will leave the theater disappointed. Anchorman 2 suffers from what I call Hangover 2 syndrome. Hangover 2 syndrome (or HTS) is when a movie is so scared of not living up to the original the writers follow the same formula as the first while upping the ante and hoping the viewer is cool with it. Some will say, "The Hangover 2 was amazing" and it’s "just as good as the first." They were cool with it. Others will say it’s lazy and unoriginal. Anchorman 2 doesn't just suffer from HTS… no, it coughs in its hand before eagerly shaking yours and holding until it’s uncomfortable.

The underlying message of Anchorman 2 touches apron very poignant objections that people have about news programming today. Even though the movie has a great premiss, it never escapes Will Ferrells and Adam McKay’s fear to let it be more than a roided out clone of the original. As if they were scared parents keeping their child on a leash, yet still pumping the same kid full of Redbull and Adderall. The story quickly became very bloated with “random” humor and references to the first. Multiple times the movie teeters on becoming a clever and meaningful comedy. Until Will Ferrel smacks you in the face (with the same HTS infested hand, mind you) and screams "Anchorman 2 bitch!”, like a cross between Walter Cronkite, Dane Cook, and Jesse Pinkman (from breaking bad). It will make you smile and laugh from time to time, but never more than watching Old School for the millionth time on Netflix.


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